We are currently CLOSED to submissions, but anything else you would like to talk about, let us know.

If you are curious about what we will be looking for in the future, this is what we are after. The company is currently pivoting to generate some revenue outside of fiction to kickstart our professional presence online, and develop GPP into a new kind of media company. We'll be helping business owners (including indie authors) grow their brand, their audience, and their mailing list. If everything goes well, we will soon be on the lookout for content generators for small self-help books and articles, custom graphics, video production, and much more.

In fiction, we want grit. Raw, real, human emotion and struggle. We specialize in adult books, and while we don't dabble in romance or erotica, we want Thrillers, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy that keeps it real. An ideal story environment is all about total reader immersion, and it's hard to get immersed when characters are all too perfectly crafted. Think of looking at a synthetic 90's computer game versus watching a similar scene in real life. Pixels are bad. Okay? Real characters, real life, real problems. Even if some of the characters push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. We want to see it. Query us as soon as we open the doors if this sounds like your book. We're looking for submissions beginning as early as 2019.

What we pay

It's hard to make promises at this point, but authors will get an advance anywhere from 500 to 2000 dollars US, depending on the work and market audience. Before signing with us, we'll contact you directly about some of our unconventional marketing tactics. We're interested in building careers, and a career author just starting out needs more books, so don't bother us if you never feel like writing another book. It also means audience exposure, and that is maximized by reducing cost and stretching our advertizing budget. This means that your book will be available for free in e-book format from time to time, and sales promos will be a regular thing. We want to get you readers first, help you build a list of your fans, and drive sales for the next book. We aren't a one-and-done outfit, so if you sign with us, we aren't going to drop your debut title after six months. We'll stick it out with you.

The Process

Query us first. We'll work out a time-range (six months to a year, most likely, and mostly depending on you). We'll hire an editor and send you a check. Then the work begins. You'll work directly with our editor and cover designer to craft your book for the target market. There will likely be several rounds of this while you work on your next book. Once you're happy, and we're happy, we'll set a release date and walk you through the promo schedule. We'll help you turn your current social media usage into a lead magnet.

We'll soft launch your book, and from that point, the clock starts. We need to find you 1000-5000 readers. We'll help you leverage reviews, and tell you what to say to the newspaper. The final royalty payments (after earning out your advance) will be delivered in 6-month delayed installments, either quarterly or twice per year. By then we should be ready to check out your next work, and start the process all over. We want to watch you grow, both your writing and your following. This is why we'll only take on one author at a time. If you get a form rejection or no response, please don't take it personally. We'll try to follow up with all submissions, but if the stack is sufficiently large, we can only afford to look closer at the most compelling stories, so polish up those query letters.

Even if we don't end up working with you, we hope that you can glean something useful from our site, whether it's finding a new promo list, learning some tricks, or just enjoying the free kindle selection. Best of luck to you, and keep writing.

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What's more?? You'll get free early access to books and products as we make them for feedback and suggestions. As we get things rolling around here, our plan is to have YOU, the reader, involved in every part of the creative process, from concept to promotions and swag giveaways. Readers with signifigant contributions to each book will be listed in the acknowledgements when the book goes live! There's nothing to lose, join our family today!