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Shattered Alliances is an indie game in the very early alpha stage of creation. The design is for an open-world single-player RPG driven by storyline. Each NPC will be the star of their own show, and interactivity should be seemless and realistic. No weirdly unbalanced financial system, no stress on "farming" or "mining" to buff your stats. In fact, no visible stats at all!

The concept being pioneered here is for an RPG that pushes the limits of storytelling, an important game element that's been lost in the current world of big tits, blistering action, and graphics that studder even on top of the line machines. It's time to stop focusing on glamor and put the role-playing back into role-playing game.

The story begins in the land of Abundanti, in a primitive culture untouched for centuries by technology that exists just beyond the Capvian Sea. The Capvian Expansion hopes to find new lands and new resources, tossing two very different cultures into the boiling pot together. At first, the arrival is peaceful. Capvians trade rare metal tools and high-tech knowledge (like windmills and metalsmithing) in exchange for food for their settlement, and a strange ancient magic that has been lost in their own countryside.

But the Capvians are taking too much, and demanding more. It isn't long before the once fertile fields of Abundanti are stripped bare, and the people stripped of everything to keep supplies rolling. There can be only one outcome from the situation, and the casters in North Lake have forseen it: War.

Shattered Alliances drops the main character directly into a critical part of the story where tensions are high, resources are starved, and someone must step up to do what is necessary. Your choices will decide the fate of Abundanti, whether it becomes an enslaved nation for you to rule over, a prospering agricultural powerhouse, or a well equipped military fortress ready to stave off any attack from outside. Several outcomes are possible for the late. It's fate is up to you.

The story behind the story

It started with an idea for a story, and the saga is just getting started. You can check out the story so far at, where Martin McConnell is posting updates to the short story series, Gape's Chronicles, which is the literary beginning of the story.

The Plot Thickens

After spending over two years dreaming up the story world for the continent of Abundanti, short stories began to emerge, as well as a small encyclopedia of world-specific content. It was only a matter of time before this idea turned into a video game proposal for an RPG.

The links below are provided for a basic stress test. While they are downloadable by anyone, we request that you check out the YouTube videos and blog artiles (links to be added soon) and help out with the project. This is as simple as getting the hardware specs for your computer, and passing them along with observed frame-rate data from the alpha test. These tests will help Marty to ensure that the final game runs butter-smooth on modest hardware in the future. There are several pillars of the design, and performance is a big one. Shattered Alliances sacrifices some graphical quality for gameplay and smooth running on older machines. If you like the concept and want to help out, click the link at the bottom of the page to set up a donation, even if it's only a dollar. If you wish, you can donate more, or setup a monthly donation. Your email will be added to our contributers list, and you'll be eligiable for back-stage access, special content, and other goodies, up to and including a free copy of the final game, and possibly other games along the way and in the future. If you need a 32bit version, or something isn't right with the download, please contact Martin McConnell directly via email at The current version is 0.03, the inventory system is buggy, the map is minimal, and most of what you see is just place-holders. Controls: 'E' for inventory/equipment, 'F' for forage, 'R' for attack mode, 'WASD' for movement, mouse pans the camera, zooms, and clicks for firing in attack mode. Esc brings up the exit mode, save and load don't work yet, just place-holders for now. Don't forget to pass your system info and measured frame-rates for different areas to You input is super helpful to our game design, so all of it is welcome.


Windows 64bit

Linux x86_64



Anyone donating to the process at such an early stage will have game updates available to them for even, even after I start charging for alpha demos. They will get every version of the game up to v1.0 and any subsequent bug fixes. I don't plan on making DLC content at the moment, so I'm not promising that. Your money will help support my efforts directly, mostly buying food, so that I can keep working on not only this game, but others I have planned, as well as doing instructional YouTube videos for how to make your own games. Don't be anonymous, my patrons are my life blood and I plan on rewarding you with any extra content I can find, as well as getting your input on the game as it is being constructed, to make a more rewarding gameplay experience for everyone.

The Patreon page is set up: Click here to donate