The definitive primer on getting IMPORTANT things done

Ever feel like you have something you really want to work on, but don't have the time?

Guess what? The time is NOW. We'll show you how.

This product package captures the truest spirit of developing the dedication needed to succeed. In fact, most successful or semi-successful people practice this same technique, over and over. From writers to musicians to sculptors, to actors, to business tycoons, and even small business pros.

The art of focus shouldn't be a secret. It should encourage those with a passion to develop the habits necessary to see it through till the end. And you can deliver this to your audience. Help them with their goals, and certainly they will help you with yours. Don't deliver the same tired PLR content. Give them something they can use.

Written By Authors

Gecko Print Publishing specializes in writing talent, and as such, we accept no substitute. All articles are 100% pure, written by practiced hands, and by their very design avoid plagarism of any sort. We source the best minds in the business, glean their experience, and write fresh prose designed to captivate. We don't pay some guy in the Pacific half a cent per word to mill out lazy articles.

In this packet, you will find the full ebook, cheat-sheet, and all the graphic design elements needed to build it from scratch, so it's infinitely adaptable. Feel free to break it into blog posts, make it part of a larger packet, or push it as is with your PLR license to distribute. The only non-transferrable part is the license itself. Branding and packaging of products derived from it is up to you. Distribute it for free, or charge a small fee. No worries. We're easy to work with, so if there is ever a concern, email us at and let us know how we can help.

Package Features:

What are you waiting for?

This is the ebook that anyone interested in creative work, from buisness to bizarre, needs to know about. Everyone wants to do something awesome, nobody knows where to start. This book will show them, in one hour every single day. Drawing from bestselling authors to high-flying financial tycoons, this is how many of them got their start, and we think your audience will be excited to learn this for themselves.

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Why only 2.99? We're just getting our feet wet, and we have a slush pile of great products in store, but everyone needs to start somewhere, so we started with a market we know very well: motivation.

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PLR Report/Ebook on FOCUS

Just in case you are still curious about the rights conveyed with this PLR package, the highlights are below.

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PLR Report/Ebook on FOCUS